Grammar in the National Curriculum – Resources

NALA has been developing a grammar resource based on the English grammar taught in primary schools as part of the National Curriculum for English in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Every pupil leaving primary school has been taught this grammar content weekly for 6 years. This is then tested in a statutory grammar SAT test at the end of KS2, the results of which are published.

There is much terminology to learn and understand. It would seem logical therefore to use the same terminology in the teaching of English in secondary schools and in the teaching of Modern Languages in both primary and secondary schools. The aim is to establish greater consistency in the teaching of grammar across all sectors so that pupils can more easily make links and comparisons between languages as they develop their understanding of language learning.

It is hoped that this resource will be useful to both teachers and pupils as well as all those wanting to know more about the grammatical content of the curriculum.

The resources are available through a free download by registering below.

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  • up-to-date, easy-to-access information on language matters via the NALA website, and a NALA Forum open to all members
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Am I eligible to apply?

  • If you are:

    • a qualified teacher who has current or previous experience of language teaching; and
    • you give advice about teaching languages and provide support and training for languages development; and/or are an Ofsted inspector in the languages field,


You are eligible?

  • Complete the application form and forward it to the named Executive Committee member for it to be appraised by committee.

    Annual fee: £65

NB You may also be eligible if you provide advice, support and training via a cultural embassy or institute, or government agency. Please contact the Secretary to discuss.

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